EES Staging - World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014, Castelao, Brazil

World Cup 2014, Castelao, Brazil

Client: Provincial Government of Ceara, Brazil (End Client)
Dimension Data Brazil (Direct Client)
Operator: State of Ceara
Contact : Leonardo Nogueira
Contract period : November 2011 – October 2012
Scope of work: Phase 1: Design review and reporting, providing the following services:
  • Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Programming / Planning

Phase 2: Procurement, providing the following services:
  • Tender Preparation:specification and document
  • Clarification
  • Adjudication

Phase 3: Construction
  • Project Management (explanation summary below
  • Service Coordination (explanation summary below)
  • Reporting

EES created the strategic technical directive for the appointed technical integrator to ensure the technical coordination and construction management challengesthat lay ahead was managed efficiently and effectively. EES delivered an alignment plan mapping scope, budget and timelinesfor the duration of the project.
Project Total construction value: approx. ZAR 3 Billion
Project involvement value: approx. ZAR 200 Million


World Cup 2014 Castelao