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An Integrated Security System (ISS) Optimises Global Port Security by Jaco Cronje (March 2014)
Due to global developments, it is becoming increasingly important to enhance and optimise the security of ships and port facilities worldwide. Ports are having to progressively improve safety and security strategies and systems to maintain global security compliance.  
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Proposed Increase in SA’s Solar Renewable Energy Will Lead to Positive Spin-Offs by James Ricketts (February 2014)
South Africa is a country fraught with ongoing challenges in the form of severe power shortages and an inconsistent, unreliable power supply. The increased solar energy allocation, if implemented, would of course help alleviate this situation by diversifying energy resources and boosting energy security. 
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Security in the Network Environment by Laura Niehaus (November 2013)
Threats to network security are escalating dramatically.  Technology advancements in social media, mobile devices, wifi and cloud services are increasing a company’s vulnerability to attacks.  Cyber risks and cyber threats are a major concern for large revenue generating organisations.
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Video Conferencing: Bringing Together Business Colleagues from Across the World by Ludwig Sabor (October 2013)
State-of-the art information and communication technology (ICT) makes it increasingly easy for people the world over to communicate in real-time.  Perhaps the pinnacle of communication technology is Video Conferencing (VC) which enables virtual interaction to take place between business colleagues from different sites or remote sites, as if they are situated right next to each other.
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The Challenges of a Smart Grid by Bradley Hemphill (September 2013)
The smart grid combines ICT and leading edge intelligence capabilities with existing electrical infrastructure to deliver real-time energy information and knowledge.  It empowers smarter energy choices, and has the potential to transform the energy business and use of electric power throughout the world.  It can without a doubt help support energy needs, significantly enhance electricity distribution, and generally create a more comfortable future.  
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