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October 2013

Smart Grid

The challenges of a smart grid (27/09/13)

It is no secret that South Africa’s national power grid is under severe pressure, and the country’s energy supply is unreliable and insecure. In Winter months the grid at times gets alarmingly close to the brink of shutdown. Power utility, Eskom, is faced with ongoing crises, and at the back of peoples’ minds is the ever prevailing possibility of a recurrence of rolling power blackouts with which the country was beset in the later months of 2007.

A solution that can contribute to overcoming this situation is the ‘smart’ grid. The smart grid combines ICT and leading edge intelligence capabilities with existing electrical infrastructure to deliver real-time energy information and knowledge. It empowers smarter energy choices, and has the potential to transform the energy business and use of electric power throughout the world. It can without a doubt help support energy needs, significantly enhance electricity distribution, and generally create a more comfortable future.

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The Cloud and More

Following our implementation of cloud communications in the form of our Unified Communications System (UCS), EES has followed through with the migration of its entire company operations to the cloud. This has been a massive, but undoubtedly rewarding, procedure! We are now equipped with access to distributed computing over a network of remote servers hosted in the cloud to store, manage and process data. This gives us the ability to access our data from any device anywhere, and at any time.


Our migration to the cloud will optimize our client service, ensure quicker response times, enhance our productivity and agility, reduce costs and ensure EES maintains a competitive edge. But most importantly, this ensures that we continue to walk the talk and lead by example.       


Cloud computing benefits a wide array of services, including a hot topic right now – the smart grid. The cloud offers previously unimaginable computing power, storage, connectivity, and other abilities that can be harnessed and leveraged in the creation of energy management systems.!  


As Data Centres are our passion and a key sector on which we focus, we are proud to congratulate Zhezhang Xu (BSc Eng) as our fifth staff member to complete and attain his Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP) certification. EES has a strong focus on staff training, development and people upskilling, the objective of this being to position ourselves as market leaders and offer the best possible client solutions.


Call us and let’s share our experiences with you. 

Bradley Hemphill
Managing Director